Boshruyeh historical places

There are several historic buildings in Boshruyeh and its surroundings. Based on historical books, it seems that this city has been existed at least for 700 years. Some of the most famous buildings are:

1. Qal’eye Dokhtar “Young Woman’s Castle”: This citadel is located on the top of a mountain in the west of the city. It has been reported that this huge and ancient building was a governmental work from the period of Ismāīlī governance of this region..

2. Hosseynie Haj Ali Ashraf “Haj Ali Ashraf’s Hussayniyya”: This building has Indian architecture and is used for azadari “religious mourning rites” during the month of Muharram

3. Masjed Mian Deh “Center-City Mosque”: This mosque dates back 400 years.

4. Sarāy-e Serke: This ancient and simple house is famous and is also used for azadari.